Mon. Oct 19th, 2020

These PS5 Console Renders Are Getting Crazy

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Now that the PS5 DualSense controller has been revealed many people are starting to wonder what the console itself will look like. Now several talented designers are showing what they think the system could end up looking like with some crazy renders of the system.

Fan renders:

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33 thoughts on “These PS5 Console Renders Are Getting Crazy

  1. I'm not supporting China Corona station 5… Only Xbox Microsoft peoducts. Let's kill off the Corona station . Look what they did to the world. Ion want none of China products in my house

  2. I dont sit there and stare at my controller when I am playing games. I also dont stare at my console while playing games so I dont give a crap what they look like. I hope the controller is comfortable to hold and play with and I hope the console does not explode and cause a fire in my house.

  3. Love the controller and my favourite PS4 unit was in glacier white so hoping the system comes in that colour lol plus the white 2 tone dual sense will be much easier to bring out graphical designs on the controller

  4. Honestly I don’t really care what that thing ends up looking, I just hope they do something about that boot error upon a power failure that results in erasing the hard drive especially since it’s gonna be an intergraded SSD that will be soldered in place. On a side note does anyone think Sony should get Maroon 5 to play at the reveal

  5. The Towers looks sexy though 😁 but in order for it to cool the system properly the disc drive can’t be horizontal, it would block the air completely and unless they find some clever way of solving that it can’t be like that..

    The last one looks awesome i think they might do something like that, cause they were talking about us liking their solution to the cooling system…

  6. The ONLY reason I could get behind that "V" shape. Is if Sony comes out and says it's for cooling. Otherwise, NAH. I frankly don't care about that V is the Roman numeral for 5 BS… Personal opinion I know, but there ya have it. I also agree that they should give us a matte black version of the controller. Just think about how nasty the controllers are going to look even after a few months. If we only have the white option…. Before anyone brings up the white Xbox controllers. It's my opinion, I don't know what kind of material they use in either.

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